25  September  2020

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Tarim Oilfield Company, PetroChina Co., Ltd

Located in Korla City, Xinjiang Province, Tarim Oilfield Company is subordinate to PetroChina Ltd. Co., which is a large upstream and downstream oil company that focuses to oil and gas exploration & development, refinery and sales of oil and gas products. Established in April 1989, during 14 year's exploration & development, oil production reached 5 million tons in 2002.

Tarim basin is the largest oil and gas bearing sedimentary basin that is located in south of Xinjiang, proved oil reserve has reached 6 billion tons, natural gas 8,000 billion cubic meters which occupies one seventh and one fourth of the whole country's oil reserve and gas reserve and is listed as the three largest oil bearing basin together with Songliao basin and Bohai gulf basin,it is the most hopeful area to realize the strategic replacement of petroleum industry in China.

In the latest 14 years, RMB 20 billion yuan has been invested to explore and develop the basin, 27 oil and gas fields have been proved, 11 oil fields have come into exploitation, 6 oil and gas process base have been established. Oil production increases to 5.25million ton in 2003 from 33,900 ton in 1989.

Products and Services

It is mainly engaged in oil and gas exploration & development, marketing, refinery, production and sales of petrochemical products, management of oil and gas pipeline.

Add: P.O. Box 78,Technology Dept., Korla City, Xinjiang Province, P.R.China
Tel: 86-996-2172377


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