27  May  2018

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Enventure Global Technology

Enventure's SET Technology minimizes deep drilling issues such as telescoping or borehole tapering before reaching the geological objective. Additionally, SET Solutions can mitigate severe lost circulation, address challenges to borehole stability and repair old casing strings by increasing their burst strength. The technology may also revive plugged and abandoned wells. SET Technology minimizes the loss of inside casing diameter, making the technology applicable as a contingency casing, drill liner or cased-hole liner in workover or completion operations.
Because Enventure expands steel casing of normal thickness and not plastic or thin-walled canister material, the mechanical properties of the expanded casing are similar to those of other tubular goods utilized in most well designs. Thus, the range of applications for Enventure Solid Expandable Tubular (SET? Systems, is broad. Representative applications are illustrated in four main categories:
?Well Construction
o    Pore Pressure/Frac-Gradient Challenges
o    Slimming Well Construction Process
o    Transition Zones
o    Sidetracking
?Liner Hangers
In the early 1990s, Royal Dutch Shell began investigating the possibility of expanding solid oilfield tubulars downhole. The original concept test was performed in The Hague, but the pipe was constructed of steel similar to that used in the crumple zone of an automobile, and the joints of the pipe were welded together.
At the end of 1997, Shell Technology Ventures Inc. and Halliburton Energy Services began exploring the possibility of forming a new limited liability company whose initial focus would be the development and commercialization of expandable tubular technology. The new company would be funded and managed equally by the two partners. As work progressed toward forming the joint venture, proof-of-concept tests performed at Halliburton’s Houston Technology Center in September 1998 demonstrated the feasibility of expanding oilfield country tubular.
On December 9, 1998, a certificate of formation was filed in Delaware, and Enventure Global Technology, L.L.C. was born. The name of the new company was a synthesis of Halliburton ENergy Services and Shell Technology VENTUREs.
Technology development continued throughout early 1999, with key milestones being achieved in March of that year:
?surface expansion of over 600 feet of 3 1/2-inch coiled tubing
?full-scale rig tests of the 13 3/8-inch x 16-inch openhole system
In May 1999, Enventure introduced its three product lines at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston:
?Enventure Openhole Liner (OHL? System
?Enventure Cased-Hole Liner (CHL? System
?VersaFlex?Expandable Liner Hanger (ELH? System
In late November of that same year, Enventure successfully and safely installed the first OHL?in Chevron’s OCS-G-1351 #23 well located in West Cameron 17 Field, Block 48, just outside of Louisiana State waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Expandable tubular systems had become a commercial reality.
Since that time, Solid Expandable Tubular (SET? Systems have been installed in both openhole and cased-hole wellbores in a variety of environments on land and offshore in deepwater and ultra-deepwater globally.

Enventure Global Technology
16200-A Park Row
Houston, TX 77084
O 281.492.5000
F 281.492.5050


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