18  August  2018

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China Snubs Trump on Iran As Biggest Refiner Halts US Oil Buys (08/17/2018)
China Rejects U.S. Request to Cut Iranian Oil Imports (08/09/2018)
Russia, China Urge Delay As US Seeks To Cut Off Oil To N.Korea (08/03/2018)
China Keeps Buying Iranian Oil, And the Trade War Adds A Reason to Defy US Sanctions (08/03/2018)
How Could the U.S.-China Trade War Impact Crude Oil Prices? (08/03/2018)
Largest Oil Shipment Sent from Vancouver To China Since 2015 (07/26/2018)
China Imports of U.S. Crude to Slump (07/26/2018)
Refinery Shows Energy Ties Win-Win for China, Saudi (07/26/2018)
Oil Firm Awards $1.6B Contract To BGP (07/26/2018)
Major Chinese Refinery Switches Importing Crude Oil from U.S. To Iran (07/19/2018)
China to Buy Even More Iranian Oil in Spite of U.S. Sanctions (07/19/2018)
CNOOC Willing to Invest $3B In Nigerian Oil Operations (07/19/2018)
Petrobras-CNPC Talks Put China Closer to First Americas Refinery (07/19/2018)
China Throws Venezuela's Oil Industry A $5B Lifeline (07/13/2018)
CNOOC Signs a PSC with Roc Oil and Smart Oil (07/13/2018)
CNPC to Sign Oil Exploration, Refining Pact with ADNOC This Month (07/13/2018)
US Policy to Increase Oil Prices May Backfire (07/05/2018)
China to Reduce U.S. Oil Imports Post-September Amid Trade Spat (06/28/2018)
CNOOC Moves Ahead with Canada Oil Sand Expansion (06/28/2018)
China Has an Iran Oil Lever Over Trump, And It's All Playing Out at OPEC Meeting (06/28/2018)

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