25  March  2018

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UAE Energy Firm Eyeing Chinese Market (03/13/2018)
US Oil Exports Go Up a Gear as Supertanker Sets Sail for China (03/06/2018)
Russia Is Top China Oil Supplier 4th Straight Month In June, Longest Streak (07/28/2017)
China Backs Joint Energy Development With Philippines In Disputed Sea (07/28/2017)
Romania approves China's takeover of main oil company (07/28/2017)
China Becomes One of The Biggest Oil Drilling Contractors in Kuwait (07/26/2017)
China Unveils Pipelines Strategy (07/26/2017)
PetroChina Unloading First Chinese Purchase Of Oil From U.S. Strategic Reserves (07/26/2017)
Sino-Mexican Consortium Wwins Oilfield Eexploration Contract in Mexico (07/26/2017)
China: World's top Crude Oil Importer Again in June (07/14/2017)
Oil Dips on Glut Concerns, But Strong China Imports Support (07/14/2017)
China, Kazakhstan to Boost Energy Cooperation (07/14/2017)
China Leads Global Efforts in Clean Energy Expansion (07/14/2017)
China Further Lifts Barriers to Foreign Investment (07/07/2017)
China Needs to Be More Active in The Arctic (07/07/2017)
China-Kazakhstan Oil Refinery Put Into Operation (07/07/2017)
Joint Venture Sets Model for China-Russia Cooperation in Energy Field (07/07/2017)
China Aims For Market Share In African Refining Sector (06/27/2017)
China, India, Japan Hamper Asia Oil Demand Growth (06/27/2017)
Pan-Asia's Saudi Project to Break Ground Next March (06/27/2017)

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